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Next Competition

Saturday, 26th March

Check-in :  11:30am to 11:45am

Collection at: 3:40pm to 3:50pm

Place: Kirkliston Leisure Centre, Kirkliston

SOLD OUT Price 7 per fencer  SOLD OUT

Please make sure you bring

  • grippy indoor shoes with non-marking soles
  • ankle-length trousers that allow the knees full freedom to bend and straighten - track suit trousers are ideal
  • a spare t-shirt to wear as protection
  • a fleecey sweatshirt with NO front pockets (school uniform sweatshirts are ideal), also to wear as protection
  • sugary drink, a bottle of water, snacks, or money for the tuck-shop
  • a towel

To book your place


SOLD OUT Txt to 07970 069250 SOLD OUT

About Us

The Plastic-and-Foam Fencing FunLeague has been set up to give all the young children in Edinburgh and the surrounding area who fence with plastic or foam weapons the chance to meet up and challenge their fellow junior fencers.

The children are streamed with other fencers of very similiar ability, and there are no elimination rounds.  Everyone gets a full afternoon's fencing.


Latest News

The next competition will be held at Kirkliston Leisure Centre, on Saturday 26th March, and check-in runs from 11:30am until 11:45am..

If you book in advance, the tickets are 7 per fencer,

Most of the places are taken now, but there are still two places available.

Book your place by emailing, or txt to 07970 069250.

The Plastic-and-Foam Fencing FunLeague Inaugural Interclub Match

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We're delighted to announce that the inaugural PaFF Interclub FunLeague match was a roaring success, and that we will announce the date of the second match soon.

We held 84 fights on Saturday 22nd January, across three divisions of the league, between children from 7 schools and clubs.

The Bracewell Trophy for Form PaFF Trophy for Form
1st Rachel
2nd Eilidh
3rd= Morgan & Sean

The League

Division A Division B Division C
1st Lewis Morgan Ben J
2nd Eilidh Lachlan Angus
3rd Sean Steven Ben R

Winners are listed on the League page, and the full results are also online - please contact us to get access.

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PaFF FunLeague - Inaugural InterClub Match

The medals and trophies have now arrived!  Entries close a week today - on Wednesday 19th January.

The Match will now be held on Saturday, January 22nd, 2011.

Check-in will be at 11:30am until 11:50am, and Fencing will finish no later than 4pm.

Full Details